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Carbon Life Form

Saturday night, and I’m at my aunt and uncle’s house for the weekend. My oldest cousin just graduated from high school, and though I missed the ceremony yesterday afternoon, I’ll be attending the party tomorrow. Friends and family will attend,

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Playing with Chip(s)

Playing with poker chips has always been appealing to me. There’s something intriguing, almost sexy, about it. Arrogantly flicking a chip off the top of a stack. Casually tossing a couple chips onto the felt. Carefully pushing a 20-stack forward.

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Scourrge and Deuces Session Review

This is a video session review that I did with a fellow CC member, xdeuceswild81xx. I played a 10nl session on Bovada, and we do some post-session hand analysis while bemoaning Bovada’s software and praising their fish!

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Bankroll Update + Some Thoughts

I’ve now had a few weeks of play on Bovada, so I figured I’d give a short update on my bankroll and thoughts so far. I deposited $150 on Bovada, with the intention of using aggressive bankroll management. I started

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Delusion and Commitment

Most people have problems with commitment – and I’m not just talking about relationships here. I have a friend at school who is constantly complaining about how he wishes he had better grades. Let’s call him “Bad Grades” Joe. Now

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Value Town and Anonymity

I like value town. In fact I like value town so much that I really enjoy taking people there with me so they can enjoy the wonders of value town too. What can I say? I’m a generous soul. One

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Summertime (And the Living’s Easy)

For the past three years, my summers have been pretty low key: Three years ago was the summer I graduated from high school. I was accepted into college, had no summer responsibilities, and pretty much just kicked it, hanging out

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A (Kind of) Long Time Coming

Hi there, and thanks for stumbling into this corner of the internet. I’ve been playing poker for over 10 years, but only really started calling myself a “poker player” in the past few months. I learned no limit Texas hold’em

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