Bankroll Update + Some Thoughts

I’ve now had a few weeks of play on Bovada, so I figured I’d give a short update on my bankroll and thoughts so far.

I deposited $150 on Bovada, with the intention of using aggressive bankroll management. I started out 4-tabling 10nl 6max cash tables, as well as playing the occasional HU game. I ran so-so on the 6m tables, and played pretty solid, going a bit over breakeven. HU was another story, where I dropped about 4 BI’s at 10nl and about 2 BI’s at 5nl. I was coolered in some spots, but also made some pretty questionable call-offs and aggressive moves.

My bankroll (before my current session) is pretty much where it started, but this is not reflective of my performance. I believe that Bovada has a 100% deposit bonus that everyone receives — no code required. And if I’m correct, I’ve received about $20-$30 worth of my bonus so far. (Note: Keeping specific track of my bankroll is not on my agenda normally since snap-checking my bankroll every 5 seconds tends to tilt me a fair bit).

So I’m not exactly starting off with a successful charge up through the limits, but I tend to drop down before my bankroll increases (at least historically). I’ve moved down to 5nl for the time being, and the play is even crazier than at 10nl. People are more aggro at 5nl, and they tend to be harder to hand-read against. Their ranges also tend to be weaker though, so I have been tightening my opening and isoing ranges preflop, but calling down with more marginal hands since players are bluffing and spazzing a bit more.

10nl is nittier, and bluff 3bets are absurdly profitable, so I’m hoping to get back there as soon as possible. But for now I’m keeping things a bit safer and just trying to keep my bankroll intact!

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