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10nl and 25nl with In-Game Commentary

This video is a step up from the last one, but in the same style, with in-game commentary. Three tables of 10nl with one table of 25nl thrown in. Enjoy!! Advertisements

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Follow Through

It’s been a while since my last real update. Part of it has been because I’ve been quite busy. Part of it is that things haven’t been going that well poker-wise. I always find it much harder to stay motivated

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5nl with In-Game Commentary

A longer video, this time with in-game commentary. Hear my thought process as hands happen, as well as my occasional sighs and allusions to other CC’ers. (I’m pretty solidly at 10nl though I haven’t been grinding much, but there were

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I’ve Missed You, Live Poker

Poker is an amazing game, and the ability to play it from inside my room in nothing but my underwear is more amazing still. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that I love live poker. I love the atmosphere

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