Hands from a NL Cash Game Session: Volume I

In the interest of posting more of the stuff that’s been going on with 2/5, this is going to be less of a story post and more of a “lots of hands kind of post.” I welcome input on any and all of these! Don’t be afraid to comment, people!! The first 2 hands are from a session I played maybe a week ago. All the rest are from two nights ago or last night grinding it out at weeknight 2/5. Well, let’s get into it!!

Hand 1
I felt this was fairly close at the time, and I was unsure whether I could realistically fold the turn after I called the flop, given that I turn one of the best cards in the deck (blocks sets/turned quads).

I make a standard open to $20 in MP. A player who is pretty loose preflop calls in the SB, and we go HU.

Flop: ($45)    (2 players)
SB checks, I bet $45, and he makes it $145 with ~$250 behind. I call.

Turn: ($335)  (2 players)
Villain jams for ~$250 and I call.

Villain shows QJ and he can’t spike a 2-outer. MHIG.

Hand 2
Not pleased with how I played this one. Pre is a fold. The rest of my thoughts will come after I give the hand details.

In the SB. A loose MP player opens to $15, the CO calls, I call, the BB calls. 4-way to flop.

Flop: ($60)    (4 players)
Checks to the MP opener, who bets $30. CO folds, I call. I think this is very close but probably okay getting 3:1. BB x/min-r to $60. I expect the BB has two pair or a set a lot of the time. The CO tanks for a long time and eventually calls. I’m now getting 6:1, but based on CO’s tank, I think I can almost always put him on a better diamond draw. But I call in-game.

Turn: ($240)  (3 players)
I check, and the BB fairly quickly checks. The CO bets $175, I call, and BB tanks forever and folds. It seems blatantly obvious to me that he has a set and was trying to decide whether to draw to a boat. My call is just awful, as CO always has me drawing dead.

River: ($590)  (2 players)
BB (folded turn) LEAPS back from the table. Very clearly folded a set. I check, CO bets $500, I fold. Villain literally always has a better flush here.

Hand 3
I have folded 2 orbits straight preflop in this game.

Folds to the HJ, who limps in for $5, and I iso raise to $25. BB cold-calls, and the limper folds. HU to the flop.

Flop: ($50)    (2 players)
BB checks, and I bet $30. He calls without too much thought. I suspect he has a PP a lot of the time and will fold the turn to pressure on a lot of big cards.

Turn: ($110)  (2 players)
He checks, I bet $65, and BB tanks for a while before calling. I’m unsure at this point if I will be able to bet him off a PP on the river.

River: ($240)  ( players)
BB goes all in for about $175, and I snap-fold.

Villain claims he flopped trips: “I knew you wouldn’t put me on a 4.” Good for you, champ.

Hand 4
About an orbit after Hand 3.

Two limps to me, I overlimp in HJ, CO overlimps, BTN makes it $25. Folds to me and I call. CO also calls, 3-way to the flop.

Flop: ($85)    (3 players)
Checks to BTN (same player from Hand 3), who bets $35. I suspect this is pretty weak sizing either from overs or a not particularly great overpair. I make it $85 to go, and CO x/3b’s to $250. BTN goes all in for not much more, and I fold. 

CO has A8ss and his hand is good. BTN doesn’t show.

Hand 5
A couple hands after Hand 4.

Two limps to me again, and I overlimp MP. Blinds complete/check and we go 5-way to the flop.

Flop: ($25)    (5 players)
SB checks, and BB bets $10. Folds to me, and I make it $30, since it looks like a blocking bet with a drawing hand. SB calls, BB calls.

Turn: ($85)  (3 players)
Checks around. No point in betting when literally everything gets there.

River: ($85)  (3 players)
SB leads without even looking at how many chips he’s grabbing. The bet is $50. BB folds, I fold.

SB shows K3hh.

The rest of the hands are played as a 2/5 with a $10 bring-in. Instead of each player being able to fold, limp for $5, or raise to $10 or more, the limp option is eliminated, and any player can come in by making the bet $10. Any raise size greater than that is still allowed. Postflop remains the same.

Hand 6

UTG+2, a decent reg, opens to $20. I call in the SB, and the BB, a decentish 1/2 reg calls.

Flop: ($60)    (3 players)
Checks to UTG+2, who continues for $35. I interpret this as weak sizing even though it’s not much under 2/3 pot. I make a somewhat loose call. BB folds.

Turn: ($130)  (2 players)
I check, and UTG+2 checks it back fairly quickly.

River: ($130)  (2 players)
Pretty terrible card for me, as it absolutely smashes villain’s flop air-cbetting range that checks back the turn. Both the turn and river together make it EXTREMELY likely that villain’s hand is better than mine. Every broadway combo beats me. I decide to turn my hand into a bluff to get villain to fold 2nd or 3rd pair. I bet $60 and villain tanks for approximately 3 minutes before folding.

Hand 7

MP opens to $20, I make it $60 OTB. It is my first 3b of the night, but I’ve only been playing maybe 5-6 orbits with villain. Folds back to MP, who tanks for maybe 30 seconds and calls.

Flop: ($120)    (2 players)
MP checks to me, and I bet $80. Villain tanks for a decent while, sizing me up, and x/r to $225. He has approximately $325 behind. I ask how much he has, he tells me, and I am pretty unsure in this spot, but I figure I pretty much have to gii. Most of the hands that he would raise and flat a 3b OOP with are PP’s, probably 88+ or 99+ or so, and things like AQ/AK. I think he can definitely x/r a lot of his overpairs in this spot to protect against the equity I might have. I tank for a little while and go all in. Villain doesn’t insta-call and I inwardly breathe a sigh of relief. No set. Villain eventually calls, the turn and river blank out and MHIG.

Hand 8
Only hand where the bring in actually matters.

3 “limps” in for $10, and I make it $45 on the BTN. (I should probably make it $55 or $60 here.) BB makes it $100 and it folds back around to me. $55 back to me, and we’re about $2k deep. I think he has AA here an extremely high percentage of the time. It’s POSSIBLE he has something like AKs and just has no clue what to do and therefore sizes weirdly. But I read it more as a “please call me” raise. I figure I can set-mine and probably make correct laydowns postflop. I flat and we go HU to the flop.

Flop: ($230)    (2 players)
Villain pretty quickly bets $130. I still feel like villain mostly has AA here, but on the very off chance that he has JJ- or AK, I call so I can re-evaluate on the turn.

Turn: ($490)  ( players)
Villain pretty quickly bets out $250. Here is where I get pretty confused. Reads on villain are that he’s not a particularly strongly thinking player, but he’s primarily betting with value hands. On one hand, the 5c is a scare card for his entire value 3b range, and I really don’t think he’s ever 3betting air preflop. Or at least not to that sizing. So his betting range could slow down, concerned about 6x. But on the other hand, any rudimentary hand-reading would suggest I don’t have a 6 in my hand. But it still feels like most rec players get scared with AA here and check at least one street. Which makes me reconsider that he could have something like AKs with a flopped or turned flush draw.

But when it comes down to it, I have to expect a big bet coming on the river, and there are tons of bad river cards that could make decisions very difficult for me. I fold.


Again, all input welcome!! I’ve posted some of my thought process for these hands, but I’m sure I could go into more depth, so if anyone has any questions about what I was thinking in-game, what I think now, how and/or why it differs, don’t hesitate to ask!

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