I’ve Reached A New Low

That’s right, everybody – I finally got a twitter account. Since I will be a part of the Cardschat Little One for One Drop Promotion, I’m required to have a twitter account to make updates. My twitter handle is MeVPoker – come follow me and say hi! So far I have basically nothing interesting to say, but hopefully that will change as time goes on, and things will definitely be more interesting starting on July 2nd when I get to Vegas!!

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2 comments on “I’ve Reached A New Low
  1. Fknife says:

    Lol. I also created a Twitter account recently because I saw everybody on CC was having fun there (and I was ‘forced’ by some CC members :)). I see we both have the same opinion on Social Network sites though.

    • mev202013 says:

      Well I do use Facebook since it’s pretty much the only way to keep in touch with some of my friends who I’m not near anymore, but I held off on Twitter since I didn’t really see “the point.”

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