Summer Schedule

Tiiiiiiiiiny little mini-update here.

So Vegas is much more set in stone now, but timing will be VERY tight. I’ve got to find an apartment in Madison for when my job starts (July 7), so the lease will almost 100% start on July 1st. But before that, I’m planning a short trip to Foxwoods since I’m close atm (my parents live in the Boston area), AND my parents and I will be visiting extended family in NY state. So here’s the schedule as it’s looking now:

– June 9-12: Drive to Foxwoods, stay in mega-cheap hotel nearby and “commute” each day to grind cash games and possibly a tournament or two
– June 13-15: Drive to NY to visit fam and chill
– June 20-29: Drive to Madison area and apartment hunt
– July 1: Move into new apartment
– July 2: Fly to Vegas from Madison, get settled in hotel (hopefully grind some cash games)
– July 3: Enter the Day 1b for the WSOP Little One for One Drop tournament (and crush, obv)
– July 4-5: Keep crushing the Little One for One Drop (if I bust, focus a lot of hours on cash games)
– July 5: Fly back to Madison during the wee hours
– July 6: Sleep a LOT and do some errands with respect to my new place
– July 7: Start my new job

So things are pretty hectic, but I’m REALLY excited to get poker going a little stronger again soon. I’ll hopefully post some hands from Foxwoods since I should have time. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do in Vegas from the tournament, but I’ll try to post some cash spots from 1/2 and probably some 2/5. My roll is sitting at about 9.2k after airfare, and two different hotel costs, and that isn’t including about $900 to enter the Little One. So I’m not sure if I want to really “grind” 2/5, but I definitely want to put in some hours and see how the games compare to Cleveland’s.

That’s all for now, folks. Good luck at the tables.

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