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Hands from a NL Cash Game Session: Volume I

In the interest of posting more of the stuff that’s been going on with 2/5, this is going to be less of a story post and more of a “lots of hands kind of post.” I welcome input on any

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2-tabling Zone, 2-tabling regular tables

4-tabling video with in-game commentary. Not one of my better videos but I’m trying to post more of them now that I’m making them on a semi-regular basis. Since making the video I’ve dropped a lot of my online bankroll

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5nl with In-Game Commentary

A longer video, this time with in-game commentary. Hear my thought process as hands happen, as well as my occasional sighs and allusions to other CC’ers. (I’m pretty solidly at 10nl though I haven’t been grinding much, but there were

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Scourrge and Deuces Session Review

This is a video session review that I did with a fellow CC member, xdeuceswild81xx. I played a 10nl session on Bovada, and we do some post-session hand analysis while bemoaning Bovada’s software and praising their fish!

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